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Team Liquid- A hardcore and original biking team.

HEY! I have a lot of new, practical products for the riders who are looking for something special to help save the expensive parts they already have. Look at my products page for more info.

My Team is composed of riders who I feel are not riding to make money or show off, but riders who are in it for the pure fun. This site is also my personal biking website. If you like this site, and youre a good biker- try out for a sponsorship from our team. We are not truly a company yet, but we still make products. We are going to apply for an Incorporation soon, and then we'll be able to get a real domain name, and provide you with our products on a greater and overall better scale.

Hi everyone out there. My name is Matt, I'm a 14 year old avid bike rider. I ride a lot. So far, I've broken almost everything on my bike. I recently began buying everything I need to make an indestructible bike except for a new frame. Looking into the Terrible One Barcode frame. Currently I ride a "frame" (not sure what kind, but it's pretty good...), a Volume fork, FSA Pig Headset, FBM Bottleneck Stem, DK Jump Seat, Redline High Hubs(48H), Alex Supra-E Class rims, 14 gauge spokes, titanium 14mm axles, and a regular size freewheel even though i ride an oversize chain (3/16") and i ride the Boss Cogg sprocket with a Liquid Bike Co. Bashguard, and Liquid bikes grips and pegs. Ordered new 2-pc bars to replace my Mirra's that are close to impossible to cut down. Homemade Grip stops, and bar ends. I ride street, dirt, park, and a tiny bit of vert. I used to flatland, so I have a little bit of that still in me. I also used to race, but unlike the flatlanding, I just dont have that anymore. Try out for my new team- the Liquid Bikes team. I need riders in all categories, including racing. If you want more info about that, go to the Liquid Bikes Team page. Don't worry about racing though, because I don't even race myself.....

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