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The Liquid Bikes team

I have recieved several e-mails from riders requesting sponsorships. Excellent, but realize that you can be sponsored for anything as long as it has to do with biking. You dont have to race, and you dont have to be an excellent jumper. Just be good enough to join the team. Don't be scared of getting rejected, if i feel your riding could use some work, i'll help you out, and if you dont make it, you'll have your name on my files. A short resume, or summary of contests you have been to could help you a bit. It is a lot easier for me. Thanks a lot, guys and keep riding!

Ok- I am sick of hearing from all of those kids who make up stories about having a sponsorship from Haro, or Etnies...etc. etc. I have decided to show them all how it's done by making my own team (like I originally wanted to do). I have three riders, possibly four. I'm looking into making my own frames and components, but it will take a couple of bucks, so I'll have to wait until I can get some more money. My team is in training- they'll be ready by the beginning of the summer. If you think you're a good enough rider for street, dirt, vert, or if you even BMX, let me know (that means e-mail, people). Send me a couple of pictures (no posers). To qualify for street, i need 4 pictures. I need one of a grind other than a double peg, one of a gap, one of a bunnyhop, and one of a clean trick. To qualify for dirt, I need 3 pictures. One of a clean tabletop, one of a clean no footer or no hander, and a big trick of your choice. To qualify for Vert, I need 3 pictures. One of you getting a good amount of air, one of a trick of your choice, and one of you working the coping. Finally, to qualify for BMX, i need to have your fastest time in half of a mile. I also need a video of you at a track, or just racing someone. Wherever you can't get a picture for ANY category here, or if videos are just plain easier for you, send a video to me with the areas required in the video. You can even suck up to me, and throw in a full 30-second run. No videos over 2 minutes will even be looked at. Keep 'em short, but good. Upon hearing that you have qualified, I will send you a Liquid Bikes T-shirt, a sticker pack (when theyre completely done), and ill post your pictures or your video on this site, and give you full credit for them. Once i get the frames working, I'll send ytou a frame (if youre really good, and you have at least one other minor sponsorship). Take some time to send stuff in- i have plenty of room for some good bikers!!

By the way- I have no junior team yet, but you can help me start one by sending in a couple of pictures or a video.
Sponsorship Requirements;
One picture of a bunnyhop
One picture of a clean trick of your choice
One picture of of air
One picture of coping/air trick of your choice
One picture of air
One picture of your jumps
One picture of a clean trick (make it a good one)
Your best time for half a mile
One picture of your course
One short video of you racing a decent opponent

Send the stuff in; I want to see it.

If you send me in something, I will e-mail you back. If you make the team, I'll tell you. If you dont, I'll break it to you gently. But you won't hear anything from me if you dont send me your stuff!

To e-mail me for a sponsorship, click here.

Team riders so far;