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Trick Tips

"Don't leave home without 'em"

Bunnyhop; Lean back over the rear tire and pull up the front wheel- after this you want to jump upward, pointing your toes to the ground.

Manual; Ride at medium speed:lean back over the rear tire and pull up the front wheel. Proceed to coast on the rear wheel.

Tabletop; In mid air, at your peak height, flatten the bike and sort of lean over it. You want to flatten the bars too. Keep your feet on the pedals, and straighten out again.

One Hander; take your hand off in mid air.

One footer; take your foot off in mid air. (don't be surprised if the crank shoots up!)

No footer; have the one footer dialed, and then take both off. Find the pedals, and put them back on.

Superman; have the no footer dialed, and then extend your legs out in back of you instead of putting them on the side of you.

Feeble Grind; you want to come at the ledge/rail at a medium to fast speed. come in at a slight angle to the rail. bunnyhop high enough to get your front tire up onto the rail, and your back peg onto it. Works best with waxed ledges, or metal handrails.

Icepick; you want to do the exact same thing as the feeble, but don't let your front tire hit the rail- keep it up in the air. Also- lean back and shift your weight to help you keep balanced.

Smith; make sure you can bunnyhop higher than the object youre going to grind. Come at the ledge at a slight angle, bunnyhop your bike completely onto it, and drop your front tire down to grind- make sure it never hits the ledge. Shift your weight back, and make sure that the ledge is extremely slick, because if it isnt, you're not going anywhere.

I'll have more of these later.

These trick descriptions are mere explanations of the tricks, not how to do them. For information on how to pull these off, e-mail liquid bikes at

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When working with grinds, its best to have a lot of space to bail, and its good to learn bails before you start grinding. Remember- the faster you go, the longer you'll grind for, and the easier it is to keep your balance, but don't go too fast until you have mastered the grind, because if you need to bail, its going to be a rougher landing at 25mph rather than at 10 or so....