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The Complete Rider's Guide to Bunnyhopping
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The perfect place to ask all of your questions; but until I can answer your question specifically, these will have to do.

Q. When I bunnyhop, I can't get the rear wheel off of the ground. What am I doing wrong? I do everything you say...?

A. Bunnyhopping takes practice. You should practice for hours each day, and every day possible each month. But until you can get a decently high hop, here's a tip; Lighten your bike so it isn't as much weight to try and lift.

Q. Whenever I try and no footer, the pedals spin. Can you tell me how to get back on with the pedals spinning?

A. Nothing you can really do about this one. Try not to take your feet off so forcefully, and you won't give the pedals too much momentum to spin. Also, try watching the pedals to see where and when you want to catch them with your feet.

Q. How do you build a jump that will get you good height?

A. It's pretty easy. For a dirt jump, you can start with a garbage pail or other round, cyndrilical object. Then, build a base out of that object. Build onto it with dirt, and wet it down and form out a jump. For a wooden jump, you may want to look at the plans section of my site.

Jump Plans

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