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The Complete Rider's Guide to Bunnyhopping

I'm sure most of you want to know how to bunnyhop (or how to get higher on one) and how to work things out of a bunnyhop. Many beginners can use this site to their advantage, and I'm sure a lot of beginners will be spending time at this page in the site. Note to all beginners: I'll have a video of this soon- it'll help you learn the basic art of street riding and popping off of lips on jumps.

Bunnyhop- to learn it, you first need to know what it is. A bunnyhop isn't just pulling a bike straight up. That isn't even classified as a trick. A bunnyhop is what most old-school riders call a bronco. To bunnyhop, you really need to have good overall bike control, and you need to be used to your bike that you're riding. For me, if I get a new stem, or bars or whatever, it takes me a while to get used to the part. You should be as comfortable with your bike as possible. Next, you should be comfortable with pulling the front wheel up, you should be able to jump (not the bike just yet, I mean you as a person). The only other thing I would reccomend knowing is how to shift your weight, because thats what bunnyhopping is all about. Okay, onto the goods-- To bunnyhop, you need to pull back, lift the front wheel, and literally jump while leveling the bike out in mid air. Sounds simple, but its not. You're not going to be able to get it the first time you try it, and once you do get it, it takes a while to get height. Now, you want to point your toes down and pull the bike up while you jump, and push forward a little on the bars. Work on that, I'll get back to you. For any questions, <sigh>, e-mail me. Just make your question extremely detailed. Dont make it like: "I can't bunnyhop, can you help?" or, "How do you bunnyhop higher?" Ask stuff like: "I can't get the front wheel to land after the back wheel, i always nose-out. How do I land with the back wheel first?" Stuff like that. You get it.