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Mat's Personal Website
Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

This is the "Words of Wisdom" wall. You want to say something, express yourself, ads for your company, anything you want, and you can put it here. Send it to me at

Just a thought, but why do we have synonyms for the english language? It's like having two of the exact same cars- you only need to drive one, so why have two? I know i probably don't make sense, but whatever...

If a cop tells you to pull over, and there is no shoulder for miles, and you're on a busy road, what do you do? Keep on driving?

Can you cut down the trees on your property, burn them in your fireplace, then claim arson? Will you get arrested if they find out it's you?

If you have a split personality, can you press charges against yourself?

How many wheels does a water cycle have?

What's the price for batteries that fit a solar-powered calculator?

What's the angle of a corner of a sphere?

I'll have more of these "when i feel like it"

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