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Mat's Personal Website


THIS IS MY SITE- That means if you don't like it, get out, and if I get any stupid or sick e-mails from anyone that dosen't like my work, i'll immediately find your IP number, and send you as many viruses as I can. Have a good day =).

Hi everyone out there. My name is Matt, I'm a 14 year old avid bike rider. I ride a lot. So far, I've broken almost everything on my bike. I recently began buying everything I need to make an indestructible bike except for a new frame. Looking into the Terrible One Barcode frame. Currently I ride a "frame" (not sure what kind, but it's pretty good...), a Volume fork, FSA Pig Headset, FBM Bottleneck Stem, DK Jump Seat, Redline High Hubs(48H), Alex Supra-E Class rims, 14 gauge spokes, titanium 14mm axles, and a regular size freewheel even though i ride an oversize chain (3/16") and i ride the Boss Cogg sprocket with a Liquid Bike Co. Bashguard, and Liquid bikes grips and pegs. Ordered new 2-pc bars to replace my Mirra's that are close to impossible to cut down. Homemade Grip stops, and bar ends. I ride street, dirt, park, and a tiny bit of vert. I used to flatland, so I have a little bit of that still in me. I also used to race, but unlike the flatlanding, I just dont have that anymore. Try out for my new team- the Liquid Bikes team. I need riders in all categories, including racing. If you want more info about that, go to the Liquid Bikes Team page. Don't worry about racing though, because I don't even race myself.....

Any ideas for my site, or trick tips, send to




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