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Remember Joe Tiseo- visit or buy a Road Fools video with Joe in it.

Jay Miron has stopped riding for Schwinn and has a new bike company; MacNeil.
After being dropped from
the Scwhinn team, Ron
Kimler has been signed
to ride for FBM. Also, on the FBM list now is Joe "Butcher" Kowalski. He's riding an Angel of Death.

Robbie Morales and two other riders had their bikes
stolen at the UGP Roots contest yesterday. "I had
just finished my run, so we were just chilling and
watching the rest of the contest. We were inside a
gated area, and I kind of let my guard down because
I thought it was in a safe area. That just proves it's
never safe," said Robbie.

Robbie is leaving for a two-week trip to Europe on
Sunday, so he's working on getting a new bike. "I'm
going to go over to the track today (there is a NBL
national in Orlando this weekend) and see if I can
scramble a bike together, just see what I can get.
Greg Walsh at Primo also said he was going to try
and help me. Hopefully it will work out." Robbie
followed by saying, "It's frustrating because that was
the first Fit frame, but I'm just going to put together a
new one and, hopefully, get back to riding today."

Someone was in the process of stealing Ryan Sher's
(Kink) bike, but one of the riders screamed at the
guy who then took off. I'm still trying to find out the
names of the other two riders whose bikes were
stolen. In the
meantime, if you are in the Orlando, Florida, area
and you see a black Fit with chrome-plated Primo
cranks (the only ones made), grab the guy riding it
and pummel him. Or find Lou Bickel, who will gladly
do it for you.
Van Homan separated his shoulder at the AC joint
this past Monday. "I was doing some gap and just
flipped over," Van said. Van went to the emergency
room and was told that it was just a bruise. The next
day he went to his family doctor who told him that it
was a second degree separation of the AC joint and
referred him to a specialist. After looking at Van's
shoulder the specialist determined that it was
actually a third degree separation of the joint. "I
guess that means you can't trust doctors," remarked

Ryan O'Connell Quits 2-Hip

Full Circle is Preparing To Release Its First Frame

Motor Homes, Skateparks, and Contests

Drew's BMX Shop Summer Tour is Taking Place

Powell Bikes Redesigns Frames and Chases After
New Team Members

Josh Heino Signature Frame is in the Works

Taj Mihelich Has Surgery on His Pinky

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