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There are many biking related thoughts that go on inside me, and i'm sure you have many too. This is sort of a "Speak Out" section for you. Say what you want; visualize the perfect session, tell about the perfect session you had, or brag about tricks you can't do (just kidding). E-mail your stuff into me: . Mainly this is just to make sure all the content is clean- and no fights start online. You want a fight? Summer's coming soon, and I'm sure there will be plenty of empty playgrounds all across the country...

I had one of the most amazing street sessions today. I had someone drive me over to a school that apparently was pretty good to ride, and not a bust. There was about a 12-15 foot long gap. Pretty much a smooth hill of pavement (like a section out of a bowl) leading down to a drainage grate which thankfully, did not get in the way at all. Tire taps, tabletops, 180s, rollbacks, turndowns, x-ups, one handed landings, no footers, small half-inverts, tailwhip attempts, just pumping air, and i even gapped the whole thing. It was about 5 or 6 feet deep. Excellent. I had the best time. For like, 3 or 4 hours. I'm going back, and expect some pictures soon. Maybe in a month or two. If you want the location to go ride, it's in NJ and for the rest you can e-mail me. I have to deem you worthy first..... And hey- while you're at it, send me a story or place to ride of your own.

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