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Mat's Personal Website
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Team Riders

Mat Crouch
Mike Stoney
Rob M.
Tom Kennedy

I ride a black Haro Revo, with modifications (Haro Mega Nuke sprocket, KMC 415H street chain, etc...). Although I've been riding for about 10 months I am progressing at a fast and steady pace. I ride street mainly and dirt. I ride a little bit of vert and park. I like street because there are many lines and courses to take, and stuff to grind. My grind list is rapidly expanding. with tricks such as feebles, double pegs, ice picks, and smiths. On dirt and at parks I can already do no footers, and no handers. I can do flatties, tabletops, and my main trick that im working on is the tailwhip. Some of my other new tricks im learning are the abubaca and the fufanu. I team up and ride with Mat- one of my good friends and one of the only people to ride with around where i live.

Below: a pic. of my favorite rider- Jay Miron. Jay has just started his own bike company; MacNeil. He's doing pretty good- ill have an article posted on the Bikes part of my website.



I founded this site for all of you BMXers out there, and, luckily enough, I pulled my friend Mike away from skateboarding, and into the awesome sport of BMX. Understand that we have a "Team" here, and even though our goal is to make our own team, and earn a sponsorship, we are in it for the pure adrenaline and fun of it. If you want to know more about me, look at the home page and personal info. section of this site.